Saturday, January 31, 2009

You are invited!

Dear Friends,

I have been invited to share a work for Jakarta Biennale 2009 which is scheduled to take place from 06 - 27 February 2009 at the Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia (amongst its other venues, check out

With funds allocated as my artists' per diem, I have decided to set up a 'college' of sorts, one that I am calling 'Jakarta Biennale Community College'. It is an open school by all, for all.

I would like to call upon any of you who might be interested in sharing some knowledge with the public to come forward and contribute to the college's curriculum.

Participation and facilitation of workshop/lecture/lesson/tutorial/seminar e.t.c is not limited to any specific audiences or subjects. You might want to share some secret knowledge of astronomy, maybe a traditional grandmother's recipe, a conspiracy theory, perhaps a secret martial arts system or even, a technological breakthrough. Each session provides a modest allowance of 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah for its facilitator/s.

Should you be interested in spreading some love at the Jakarta Biennale Community College, please communicate your intentions to Miss Diah Sekarwidhi through an email to

Your participation is our treasure. :)