Saturday, December 09, 2006

Spritual Idols (2005)

Performance at Queen's Gallery, Bangkok
26 November 2005
for Asiatopia 7/2005
International Performance Art Festival


Duskin wears a typical white Islamic skullcap; Khai wears a traditional Jewish headdress. Both artists (idols) are topless, wearing only blue jeans. Labels on the front of the pedestal provide audiences with information of the idols’ actual identities.

"Khairuddin bin Hori

Duskin Drum

The idols sit cross-legged on top of a flight of stairs, facing each other surrounded by 100 shot glasses filled with red wine combined with pure-gold leaf (becoming an elixir). A sign on one of the steps says: "Instruction: Put your hand towards an idol for a shot of elixir."

They feed each other with shots of the elixir. Members of audience will be provided with a shot of the elixir via a tray whenever they approach and put a hand out towards any one idol or whenever one of the idols serves a shot towards them.

When an idol stands, the other follows. After a brief moment of standing, they will walk away signifying the end of action. Performance ends when all shots of elixir are consumed or when either one of the idols stands up.